Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Even So, Come Quickly, Saucer People!

7 July 2008, The Sun: It’s the summer of the UFO – with dozens of mysterious objects boldly glowing where none has shone before. Reports of weird night sightings have poured in from across Britain. Shapes of all sizes, colour and brightness have been spotted at night from Liverpool to Dover and from Cornwall to Hertfordshire. And the experts cannot explain whether it’s alien activity or natural phenomena to blame.

Top UFO watcher Malcolm Robinson said yesterday: “Something very bizarre is happening in the skies over the UK. I have been dealing in UFO sightings for more than 30 years and we are currently dealing with something very real and tangible which mankind cannot comprehend or explain. Usually 95 per cent of sightings can be explained, but it is the remaining and mysterious five per cent which we can’t just shake off that particularly interests me.”

Malcolm, founder member of Strange Phenomena Investigations, said: “There has been an unusual number of sightings recently. Some experts believe it could be linked to global warming and craft from outer space are appearing because they are concerned about what man is doing to this planet.”

Royal Navy aircraft engineer Michael Madden, 25, told last week how he spotted a disc-shaped UFO over the M5 in Somerset before it disappeared at “incredible speed.” Soldiers reported seeing 13 objects above their barracks at Tern Hill, Shrops. And a police helicopter reported a close encounter with a UFO near Cardiff.

I always read these UFO stories with great interest. . .for you see the sheeple as they truly are:


They look up into the sky, they see a light. . .and suddenly all things are new again! There is hope! The world can be transformed!

The Magi saw a light two thousand years ago, and followed it all the way to Bethlehem to see the new-born Christ. . .that was their hope.

But that’s a *myth* from a by-gone era. . .the blood sacrifice has no relevancy to the sheeple of today, who place their faith in the gods of science and technology. . .

Now the sheeple spy with their little eye something twinkling in the sky, and they wish for glad tidings from a flying saucer, the ultimate technological offering.

Craft from outer space are appearing because they are concerned about what man is doing to this planet. . .

That is the heart of the UFO phenomenon. Yes, when you read these accounts, some of the sheeple may express fear, but this is only the fear of suddenly finding themselves alive again. . .shocked out of their normal stupor, it is their own adrenaline which momentarily startles them. Nobody ever hides from the light. . .they grab a camera or call to their family and friends:

Look! Did you see that!

Nobody ever grabs a rifle and shoots at the light. . .ha ha ha. . .a strange non-gray colored man wanders onto their lawn, and they might grab that rifle and start shooting. . .but a UFO? No, never.

Because at the heart of the UFO phenomenon is the desire of the sheeple for Martians to come and save them. Bring peace and harmony, clean up the earth, and shower them with mind-boggling extra-terrestrial gadgetry. . .e-junk from the Plan 9 Circuit City from Outer Space!

Ha ha ha. . .shuffling humanity. . .automatons going through the motions at home, at work, at church, at the mall. Mostly placated by the opiums:

Consumption, narcotics, religion, and the three-headed beast of television, the internets and video games.

Mostly placated. There are the outbursts of domestic violence, the abuses of the narcotics and the sexual manias. But these outbursts remain localized. There is no organized resistance to the counterfeit life. . .only the disorganized psychic breaks of the individual sheeple.

Old Ronnie was right in the comments he made about humanity discovering its common bond after an alien encounter. . .but he was wrong in his belief the aliens would be considered a threat.

No, the aliens would be greeted with flowers and kisses. . .and worshipped as liberators.

Man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains. . .

This is more true today than when Rousseau penned it in 1762. . .

Rousseau, of course, couldn’t have been more wrong about the remedy. . .the *general will* of today’s *social contract,* bent by ceaseless mass-marketing, chains the sheeple to soul-less materialism. . .thus the sluggish, vacant-eyed humanoids at Target, droning on their cell phones:

“Huh?. . .Yeah. Huh?. . .Yeah. I got to buy another pair of crocs, then stop at McDonald's and pick up dinner. Bye.”

Billions of these unnecessary communications beamed through space, advertising the decline and fall of God’s crowning creation. Perhaps the aliens will hear, and take pity on the sheeple, and come and rescue them?

That is the great beating heart of the UFO phenomenon. . .that the Saucer People will land, and with their Higher Consciousness, free the sheeple from their condemned lives.

Believe me, all would fall in line, all would fall in line. . .except the elect few.

And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness. . .

I have always hoped God would send this delusion via *aliens*. . .aliens spouting some celestial mumbo-jumbo that will solve all the sheeple’s many superficial dilemmas: a degree or two knocked off the earth's temperature, food for Africans, cars that run on human waste, a cure for obesity (thereby allowing the sheeple to sin indefinitely).

Let the Saucer People come. . .then the elect can be freed, too. Freed from the pew-warmers who claim Christianity. They will all eagerly, enthusiastically convert to the new Judeo-Martian Tradition. For they are no different from the sheeple, except for ten minutes on Sunday when they line up, as if in a fast food drive-thru, to eat a cracker and drink a thimble’s worth of grape juice in hasty *remembrance* of the Lord. . .and then they rush to return to the world.

Yes, they will all convert. . .and all of their leaders. . .John Hagee, Joel Osteen, Billy Graham. . .the Christian Zionists, the Prosperity Teachers, the All-Roads-Lead-To-God crowd. They no more want Christ to forgive their sins than the sheeple. They just want Him to be an Errand Boy and bring them an easy life in this world:

Dear God,

Give me more money, and let me kill my enemies.


Yes, friend, if God sent the Saucer People, the whole world would unite. . .a New World Order of *enlightened* sheeple, bowing to the Saucerites, who would expound a more excellent Way. . .

Send them, God, send them. . .send the Saucer People. Then the elect, the few who would resist by the Blood of the Lamb, who would insist only Christ had the Truth, could finally be free of the co-opting and perverting pew-warmers, and could return to being what they were meant to be:

Kooks and outcasts, strangers and pilgrims in this world. . .

Aliens, as it were. . .

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